10 Ideas – June 5 2014

1.The UN becomes a green energy initiative instead of a talking initiative that is it as right now
2. Elementary schools make a major push for kids to make solar powered projects because the planet needs projects like this right now.
3. Similarities between a water bottle and a seat belt. Both protect people.
4. A trusted list of what a destructive relationship is. It would convince an arrogant and self obsessed teenager what a bad relationship was.
5. An edible menu for a restaurant
6. pokemon cards that are for green energy. All forest/green pokemon
7. All the money that goes into the US should go straight into green energy production.
8. The US stops waging wars. Billions are freed up to invest in research and development of green tech
9. Project that every high school student has to create their own energy in the school. At least their own replacement value.
10. Some bacteria that absorbs/consumes CO2 and produces O2 that we can control. Global warming seems like such as east problem. We should be able to fox everything pretty easily.

10 Ideas – June 4 2014

1. There is evidence that writing by hand helps people learn better than typing the same material. Is this because most people tested grew up writing and learning? If someone grows up typing instead of writing, will they be more creative on a keyboard than with a pen?
2. Buildings that don’t have elevators because everyone’s self-flying drone will take them wherever they need and drop them off at the floor on the outside of the building. Maybe there are stairs if you need to get from floor 12 to 15.
3. Similarities between a stained glass window and a swim suit – both can be around during a baptism? Swim trunks with a stained glass design would look cool.
4. Books are currently the best way to convey long, complex ideas. They’ve been around since we could write. What will replace them? The computer chip implanted in your brain?
5. Tables with wireless chargers built in so your laptop wouldn’t need a charger at cafe or library.
6. Competitor to comcast and time warner crowd-sourced from the internet to sidestep all the net neutrality bullshit. Could take a while to set up, but could start locally in cities, could even be funded by city governments because they can actually get things done.
7. It’s common to see rivers next to power lines. A small durable device, that can connect to a transformer and provide a little power to the grid.
8. I had a penpal in 8th grade. A service that sets you up with a skype pal across the world.
9. A cash rich company that digitizes the DMV and gets paid over 10 years with the money that is saved by streamlining the process.
10. High school class on emotional intelligence that teaches men about women and women about men so we all at least have an idea of how to treat each other well as we grow up. Confront everyone’s social anxieties and questions in a way that is challenging but safe.

10 Ideas – June 3 2014


1. Tires that never wear down. Someone has come up with this but there is no doubt more money to be made off of new tires sales.
2. I’ve seen wireless cellphone chargers. Is it possible to have a high powered one on cell phone towers to charge everything with a better, even electric cars?
3. Shipping container ships that offer free voyage in exchange for grunt work during the trip.
4. A gas station that charges a bit more for gas but puts the extra money towards buying solar panels for the gas station and then for the surrounding buildings in the town.
5. There is a spray that prevents mud from getting on your shoes/clothes by putting a tiny layer of air or something on the fabric. There are videos of it. If it lasts for a long time, we should put it on cars and save water from car washes.
6. Device that takes a sample of blood each day and syncs with your wearable health tech to suggest the diet changes for tomorrow. Best used to reduce obesity?
7. Business that consults and improve people’s online dating account. Interviews them to write about them in the best light without lying.
8. Paint that changes color based on the season or the weather. Good for the northeast, not so much for San Diego.
9. Pay what you pay for health insurance right to a doctor who is motivated to keep you healthy. They will get paid regardless, so if they can keep you healthy, it frees their time up to see more people and get paid more.
10. A class in high school where you take a year off to start a responsible business. Grade is based on the money you make and the measurable benefit to the community

10 Ideas – June 2 2014

1. At some point, we will no longer need to speak to each other because it will be faster to send messages with our brain through biologically integrated technology. How will that affect the human ego? It will have to make it at least a little smaller. It will be so easy to show evidence of someone being wrong or right.
2. Similarities between a broom and a backpack. Can’t come up with any.
3. Lucid dreaming class for all college freshman. If you can lucid dream you can learn while you sleep. It will make college way better.
4. Dogs that glows in the dark
5. Put little disco balls on your car lights.
6. Airplanes with see through ceilings so you could see the stars at night
7. Marshmallow incense.
8. Wearable tech that helps runners maintain the best form by audibly notifying them when they’re slipping up
9. Service that automatically sign me up and take care of all frequent flier miles.
10. Is there some way to put a little turbine on the shower drain to generate a little electricity?

10 Ideas – June 1 2014

1. A scholarship that will pay for kids to travel abroad as long as they write a blog post about they helped one person each day. They are paid a flat rate for the post, and get bonuses on how popular the post is
2. When two countries want to have a war or something, the two presidents or whoever is in charge fight to the death instead of troops. If only the leaders were that brave.
3. There is evidence that some plants grow and mature faster in space. At some point, could we have spaceships that grow food and send it down to earth? Then we wouldn’t need as much farm land.
4. What will the first sports in space be? Laser tag like in Enders Game would be awesome.
5. Could we have a surgery that enhances small parts of people’s bones with carbon and things like to make them measurably stronger?
6. As religions become less popular, we see churches turn into community centers with speakers visiting, computers, books, learning centers, workshops where kids can build things. The sermon area could become a stage for people to perform.
7. What’s something tiny that could help people who live in an apartment save money? 80/20 of saving power in an apartment.
8. Phone alarm that makes you smile for 10 seconds before turning off so you can start the say off happy
9. Instead of sending supplies to areas that suffer from a  natural disaster, will we be sending 3d printers?
10. How do you get into space without rocket fuel? What does an electric rocket engine look like?

10 Ideas – May 31 2014

1. One of the hurdles for virtual reality is to make virtual sex better than “real” sex. If you assume anything is possible, they’ll figure out how to do it eventually.
2. What free online tool lets you evaluate a market better than google keyword tool.
3. Similarities between a car key and a kitten. Both seem to find a way to get lost. You can put both in a purse.
4. Things coffee bars could do better: have standing tables, walk around and ask for refills, recycle, have ergonomic chairs or really comfortable chairs, not ones that look cool but are uncomfortable. Have lots of windows, big tables for talking and drawing. Tables that’s don’t rock.
5. Coffee bar with painting and drawing so people can get all coffeed up and then paint, and then all that art is there all time, new art that people can add to. What are coffee places doing right? Charging a good amount for something that makes the world better. Offering a democratic space for people to meet, offering wifi, coffee places are seriously my favorite things in the world.
6. Jawbone/fitbit should have a sensor that lets you know how many breathes you take in a day and how long the breathes were. Something to help you notice your breath and focus on it more during the day
7. I got a hair cut today. If stylists in the US wanted to make more tips take a few extra minutes during the shampoo phase and give a few extra scalp kneads. The people who do this in Thailand are fucking amazing.
8. Long glass tubes that go into the ocean so people could take strolls in underwater parks. You would need something to keep them clean, but that would be fucking cool. Think of a mcdonalds play house tubes, bigger, taking up like two square miles or something. How is that now thing? You could even grow corral on it. Or you could just take a glass submarine down or something. You would have to make sure it didn’t collapse, but that can be done. You could have the cleaning device just be something that surround the tube and constants;y moves back and forth
9. How come no is talking bout the astronauts who have had sex in space? It’s obviously happen and has probably happened today.
10. Instead of “Staff Only” sign on the door, it would be funny to see something like “Beware of Fluffy” with a picture of the three headed dog from Harry Potter.

10 Ideas – May 30 2014

1. Simple reminder app to call those people you who really want to stay in touch with
2. Some way to measure all the things that sleep helps and eventually find a way to take vitamins/something that boosts everything that needs recovery so we don’t have to sleep or we have to only sleep less
3. Similarities between jumping jacks and a notebook. Both things likely introduced to you around kindergarten.
4. From 10th grade: an individual does not have to reproduce for a population to continue, but a population must always reproduce. What are the consequences of the more educated not having as many kids? If education improves it probably doesn’t matter too too much. If these kids can be born and have access to computers and kahn academy, won’t they be okay?
5. There are ways to pull out people’s blood and centrifuge it, isolate, and concentrate some parts that are anti inflammatory and reinject them into your body to heal certain things. Can’t we do something where you pull blood out and remove HIV and put it back in the blood? If we could clean all your blood in this way over two years, wouldn’t it cure HIV/AIDS? What else can this process cure or enhance?
6. Will there be a time when roads disappear bc we all have personal drones either run errands for us and we fly in big ones to visit friends?
7. What is similar between a pond and rubics cube? I don’t know
8. There will be another company that takes the self driving system of google and offers an anonymous self driving car so that google doesn’t always know where you’re doing.
9. Waze/google maps and self driving cars could eliminate traffic forever. Imagine that
10. Indiana Jones would not use a self driving car, would he? All these things could be robbing us of some adventure, but maybe adventure will simply evolve.