10 Ideas – May 27 2014


1. When I am in my self driving car, can I drive a drone and have it follow me and film me. I think I can do some cool shots with that
2. How could I know that a bike would make me more efficient than a cheetah
3. What is a good way to make people nicer? Put cats in classrooms?
4. Similarities with a glass of water and sex? A glass of water makes you healthier, so does sex.
5. What else could you put in coffee to make it great? Soda? No. OJ? chocolate, bacon, fruit, help, spicy? honey? Coffee bar and a laundry mat. Coffee and arcade, coffee and movies, coffee and book store, coffee and car shop, coffee and computer store. coffee and travel store, coffee and a thing, coffee and a coffee bar
coffee and a school
6. It will be cool when we can all send little go pros into space to do things for us
7. When we have robots to do things for us, what then? What will we even have to do? Maids will literally be out of service. And will they take care of our babies? Or will be keep doing that. What is like like for a baby to grow up feeling electromagnetic waves from a robot
8. A rocket ship that takes you to mars with a movie theater inside. Basically a mall rocket that takes you to mars. A little planet. Let’s just live in space
9. Travel shoes that looks sweet and are antibacterial. They actually clean your feet as you walk. Some device that is able to charge a battery as you walk.
10. What could you change if you had all the time in the world, and you could have one thing to change? I think I would choose to remove greed.

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