10 Ideas – May 31 2014

1. One of the hurdles for virtual reality is to make virtual sex better than “real” sex. If you assume anything is possible, they’ll figure out how to do it eventually.
2. What free online tool lets you evaluate a market better than google keyword tool.
3. Similarities between a car key and a kitten. Both seem to find a way to get lost. You can put both in a purse.
4. Things coffee bars could do better: have standing tables, walk around and ask for refills, recycle, have ergonomic chairs or really comfortable chairs, not ones that look cool but are uncomfortable. Have lots of windows, big tables for talking and drawing. Tables that’s don’t rock.
5. Coffee bar with painting and drawing so people can get all coffeed up and then paint, and then all that art is there all time, new art that people can add to. What are coffee places doing right? Charging a good amount for something that makes the world better. Offering a democratic space for people to meet, offering wifi, coffee places are seriously my favorite things in the world.
6. Jawbone/fitbit should have a sensor that lets you know how many breathes you take in a day and how long the breathes were. Something to help you notice your breath and focus on it more during the day
7. I got a hair cut today. If stylists in the US wanted to make more tips take a few extra minutes during the shampoo phase and give a few extra scalp kneads. The people who do this in Thailand are fucking amazing.
8. Long glass tubes that go into the ocean so people could take strolls in underwater parks. You would need something to keep them clean, but that would be fucking cool. Think of a mcdonalds play house tubes, bigger, taking up like two square miles or something. How is that now thing? You could even grow corral on it. Or you could just take a glass submarine down or something. You would have to make sure it didn’t collapse, but that can be done. You could have the cleaning device just be something that surround the tube and constants;y moves back and forth
9. How come no is talking bout the astronauts who have had sex in space? It’s obviously happen and has probably happened today.
10. Instead of “Staff Only” sign on the door, it would be funny to see something like “Beware of Fluffy” with a picture of the three headed dog from Harry Potter.

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