10 Ideas – June 2 2014

1. At some point, we will no longer need to speak to each other because it will be faster to send messages with our brain through biologically integrated technology. How will that affect the human ego? It will have to make it at least a little smaller. It will be so easy to show evidence of someone being wrong or right.
2. Similarities between a broom and a backpack. Can’t come up with any.
3. Lucid dreaming class for all college freshman. If you can lucid dream you can learn while you sleep. It will make college way better.
4. Dogs that glows in the dark
5. Put little disco balls on your car lights.
6. Airplanes with see through ceilings so you could see the stars at night
7. Marshmallow incense.
8. Wearable tech that helps runners maintain the best form by audibly notifying them when they’re slipping up
9. Service that automatically sign me up and take care of all frequent flier miles.
10. Is there some way to put a little turbine on the shower drain to generate a little electricity?

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