10 Ideas – May 29 2014

1. Similarities between a birthday cake and aircraft carrier? You can see fire on top of both go them for short periods of time.
2. For the next election, there should be something that lets people vote on who they want to president to appoint in their cabinet. It won’t have any actual power, but it would simply be known, here’s what a large group of people want.
3. When will nano particles be able to scrub the air from car exhaust?
4. Will wearable health tech move from bracelets to rings? Then you could really make them look discrete. Or do the people who make JawBones, FitBits want them to be a little gaudy so everyone can see?
5. If you want to meditate, there’s got to a thing that gently keeps you focused if your mind goes off track
6. Similarities between a shark and pillow? Both may end up accidentally killing the same number of people each year. Actually a pillow likely kills more.
7. Birds on windy days may be the happiest creatures on earth.
8. The US constitution is over 200 years old. It may be the oldest piece of governmental technology. Shouldn’t it be updated soon? Think of the difference between CSPAN and how a tech company executes
9. What are some of the things that a self driving car would allow for? Drunk driving would no long exist, speeding tickets wouldn’t exist, accidents would significantly drop, I would probably choose to just go for a drive some afternoon a lot more. I would travel more, since people wouldn’t be driving when they were on the road, you may actually be able to play game with others drivers. The list goes on and on.
10. What would smart house plants look like? They could clean the air, measure when people are in certain rooms. They may even follow you around from room to room, they could measure what bad things are in the air and recommend what to get rid of to have a cleaner, healthier house

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