10 Ideas – May 26 2014


1. Send drones to drop flower packages on the army during a coup. There actually maybe way more ways to use nonviolence now.
2. A tv/screen that displays different art and somehow reads your response to it. It constantly tries different ones but responds and catalogs which ones give you the best creative response.
3. There could be a company that pays micro transactions for cleaning up trash bc the make money by recycling.
4. When will my drone be big enough to fly me around
5. Once we can map the whole brain, we can see exactly what chemicals and hormones are missing and we should be able to see the whole thing for what it is
6. The similarities between a keyboard and a bed sheet? Manufacturing, from china most likely, both used in close quarters with human creativity, literally and figuratively.
7. The similarities between Zeus and an iPhone – Thought about most likely as much as each other. We act on the information from both without question, most of the time.
8. Clothes that never smell
9. Shoes that squeeze your feet when you need to stand up so you’re active
10. phone screens that get a little charge when you tap the screen

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