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10 Ideas – May 30 2014

1. Simple reminder app to call those people you who really want to stay in touch with
2. Some way to measure all the things that sleep helps and eventually find a way to take vitamins/something that boosts everything that needs recovery so we don’t have to sleep or we have to only sleep less
3. Similarities between jumping jacks and a notebook. Both things likely introduced to you around kindergarten.
4. From 10th grade: an individual does not have to reproduce for a population to continue, but a population must always reproduce. What are the consequences of the more educated not having as many kids? If education improves it probably doesn’t matter too too much. If these kids can be born and have access to computers and kahn academy, won’t they be okay?
5. There are ways to pull out people’s blood and centrifuge it, isolate, and concentrate some parts that are anti inflammatory and reinject them into your body to heal certain things. Can’t we do something where you pull blood out and remove HIV and put it back in the blood? If we could clean all your blood in this way over two years, wouldn’t it cure HIV/AIDS? What else can this process cure or enhance?
6. Will there be a time when roads disappear bc we all have personal drones either run errands for us and we fly in big ones to visit friends?
7. What is similar between a pond and rubics cube? I don’t know
8. There will be another company that takes the self driving system of google and offers an anonymous self driving car so that google doesn’t always know where you’re doing.
9. Waze/google maps and self driving cars could eliminate traffic forever. Imagine that
10. Indiana Jones would not use a self driving car, would he? All these things could be robbing us of some adventure, but maybe adventure will simply evolve.