10 Ideas – May 28 2014


1. Can’t all movements somehow generate a little big of energy to charge our devices?
2. You can have shares in crypto mining rigs. What if when you were running, that would somehow charge things and then you could send that power to make crypto and donate your share of the reward?
3. You have a solar panel on your house and instead of selling your extra power back to the grid, you can sell it to your neighbor and they pay you in crypto automatically for what they use.
4. When will all the turn dial phones be out of existence, except maybe in museums? And what will the most advanced communication be at that time?
5. When will dropshipping/ecommerce fulfillment all become as easy as an app?
6. What could you do with 1000000 if you had to spend it on a physical product today because tomorrow it would be gone? I would buy a sick boat to live in
7. I read that there is evidence that the universe is just a hologram. So what’s projecting the hologram?
8. Similarities between an airplane and a water bottle. Similar shape, both eventually end up in a junk yard
9. It would be cool to live in a submarine for a few days
10. Some part of schools in the future will teach kids that creativity is really the best thing possible. They will teach them early that it is important to come up with ideas and take risks on things

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