10 Ideas – May 25 2014


1. A pillow that helps you sleep? How could it help. Change temp, puff out some sleep relaxing, and just a pillow that smells nice
2. The easiest way to jumpstart an adult’s creativity? You pay for a room with paint or something
3. Take the recording of people saying I Love You, or their favorite phrase or whatever, and add all those recordings together to make a painting with the soundwaves it makes on soemthing like the iPhone voice recorder. Make the painting in different colors.
4. A shirt with or clothes with a bunch of different sensors that tracks your body temp and how much you move and sweat. Can give you a better idea of how to get in shape.
5. Overview Effect. Put assholes into space and see if it makes them not assholes, or politicians or whatever.
6. If you let people do what they want, bad things happen, it seems like. Let people do what they want but just control the environment a little bit.
7. Caterpillars and coffee – what do they have in common. Both inspire humans to create. Caterpillars turn from monsters to fairies. Coffee can turn a lazy human to a creation human.
8. What do books and mountains have in common. Both take a long time to make.
9. This idea of labels is interesting. Why not label some things and not label others. You must label a book, but don’t label a nebula, just enjoy it
10. On a mountain, how could you learn to fly? a wing suit, seriously, people now race wing suits

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