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10 Ideas – May 30 2014

1. Simple reminder app to call those people you who really want to stay in touch with
2. Some way to measure all the things that sleep helps and eventually find a way to take vitamins/something that boosts everything that needs recovery so we don’t have to sleep or we have to only sleep less
3. Similarities between jumping jacks and a notebook. Both things likely introduced to you around kindergarten.
4. From 10th grade: an individual does not have to reproduce for a population to continue, but a population must always reproduce. What are the consequences of the more educated not having as many kids? If education improves it probably doesn’t matter too too much. If these kids can be born and have access to computers and kahn academy, won’t they be okay?
5. There are ways to pull out people’s blood and centrifuge it, isolate, and concentrate some parts that are anti inflammatory and reinject them into your body to heal certain things. Can’t we do something where you pull blood out and remove HIV and put it back in the blood? If we could clean all your blood in this way over two years, wouldn’t it cure HIV/AIDS? What else can this process cure or enhance?
6. Will there be a time when roads disappear bc we all have personal drones either run errands for us and we fly in big ones to visit friends?
7. What is similar between a pond and rubics cube? I don’t know
8. There will be another company that takes the self driving system of google and offers an anonymous self driving car so that google doesn’t always know where you’re doing.
9. Waze/google maps and self driving cars could eliminate traffic forever. Imagine that
10. Indiana Jones would not use a self driving car, would he? All these things could be robbing us of some adventure, but maybe adventure will simply evolve.

10 Ideas – May 29 2014

1. Similarities between a birthday cake and aircraft carrier? You can see fire on top of both go them for short periods of time.
2. For the next election, there should be something that lets people vote on who they want to president to appoint in their cabinet. It won’t have any actual power, but it would simply be known, here’s what a large group of people want.
3. When will nano particles be able to scrub the air from car exhaust?
4. Will wearable health tech move from bracelets to rings? Then you could really make them look discrete. Or do the people who make JawBones, FitBits want them to be a little gaudy so everyone can see?
5. If you want to meditate, there’s got to a thing that gently keeps you focused if your mind goes off track
6. Similarities between a shark and pillow? Both may end up accidentally killing the same number of people each year. Actually a pillow likely kills more.
7. Birds on windy days may be the happiest creatures on earth.
8. The US constitution is over 200 years old. It may be the oldest piece of governmental technology. Shouldn’t it be updated soon? Think of the difference between CSPAN and how a tech company executes
9. What are some of the things that a self driving car would allow for? Drunk driving would no long exist, speeding tickets wouldn’t exist, accidents would significantly drop, I would probably choose to just go for a drive some afternoon a lot more. I would travel more, since people wouldn’t be driving when they were on the road, you may actually be able to play game with others drivers. The list goes on and on.
10. What would smart house plants look like? They could clean the air, measure when people are in certain rooms. They may even follow you around from room to room, they could measure what bad things are in the air and recommend what to get rid of to have a cleaner, healthier house

10 Ideas – May 24 2014


1. A water bottle that reads your saliva to tell you how hydrated you are or aren’t
2. When you read a book on kindle, and highlight, those highlights go right to twitter – I think this is already an idea
3. Google Glass thermal imaging to see when cows on a dairy are sick, or getting sick, and things like that
4. A wearable tech for dating that measures how your heartbeat, body temp, and whatever else react when you meet someone
5. A robot that can weed fields for you. It has cameras, it knows what plants are good, it can see little weeds growing and maybe even with a laser or something make it so that the genetics of the weed die. How can a weed possibly live after that? Or think of it this way, you can laser up a plot of land and get the soil type, climate. And then a robot would be able to tell you the best layout for a permaculture setup.
6. Eye drops that make your eyes fluorescent for 2 hours
7. Electronic passport that you can never lose. And somehow make it in no ones interest to steal. How could you make it in no one’s interest to steal things. You would have to make it so that no one would need anything, everyone has everything. You could do this by raising kids a certain way, but that’s controlling. You have to let people do their own thing. Some people like to get crazy, fucked up, right?
8. You could buy a movie, the kindle book, documentaries, all associated with a topic, the civil war for example. It would be called an info package, an entertainment package, something, so you could get all the best resources on that topic
9. A notebook that when you write on the paper it transcribes to evernote
10. Universal recycle karma – instead of getting a slip when you recycle to turn in to the grocery store, you can scan something and get ctypro deposited.
11. At a protest, order 100000 flowers and have them delivered to the front lines

10 Ideas – May 23, 2014


1. Your cryptocurrency wallet connects to sensor and when your posture is bad, it corrects you. You get money from all people who pay because of bad posture, and when your posture is good, you get some money back
2. Crowd funded and money supported habits. There is a way to 100% know if you perform the habit you’ve dedicated to, and if you do, you get paid. If you don’t, you lose money
3. Jason bourne for animals. That would be funny. I guess we do that already though. We train them to do exactly what we want
4. I could blog and never edit. A stream of consciousness blog. Who would care about that?
5. A camera crew follows you around to make sure you stay with your goals. It’s called camera goal. And you could go to a website and see everyone else doing it
6. An insta account that only served to help you with goals
7. The best coffee shop in the world would be the one where the cute baristas ask YOU out.
8. Why can’t an artist film their whole creative process so that we can all see. Like an artist who is just starting out. You see all their terrible work but you can see them progress
9. Could you swim through a whip cream pool? What would that look like?
10. Invite people to watch tv of your house. That is what this is going to. What could you actually do to get privacy? Hunger games cameras everywhere.