10 Ideas – May 23, 2014


1. Your cryptocurrency wallet connects to sensor and when your posture is bad, it corrects you. You get money from all people who pay because of bad posture, and when your posture is good, you get some money back
2. Crowd funded and money supported habits. There is a way to 100% know if you perform the habit you’ve dedicated to, and if you do, you get paid. If you don’t, you lose money
3. Jason bourne for animals. That would be funny. I guess we do that already though. We train them to do exactly what we want
4. I could blog and never edit. A stream of consciousness blog. Who would care about that?
5. A camera crew follows you around to make sure you stay with your goals. It’s called camera goal. And you could go to a website and see everyone else doing it
6. An insta account that only served to help you with goals
7. The best coffee shop in the world would be the one where the cute baristas ask YOU out.
8. Why can’t an artist film their whole creative process so that we can all see. Like an artist who is just starting out. You see all their terrible work but you can see them progress
9. Could you swim through a whip cream pool? What would that look like?
10. Invite people to watch tv of your house. That is what this is going to. What could you actually do to get privacy? Hunger games cameras everywhere.

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