10 Ideas – June 16

1. Boeing or Airbus designs electric jets using Tesla patents and tech
2. John Deere making electric/solar tractors.
3. Ducati electric motorcycles.
4. A company where you adopt a shark/whale/dolphin and have a noninvasive camera strapped to its fin. See a livestream of what it sees and track where it moves for yourself.
5. A tsunami from an ocean of mercury. What do tides do if the ocean is mercury?
6. When you’re at a restaurant and someone at the table asks you where the bathroom is, like it’s a challenge to find bathrooms. It’s in the back where they always are.
7. First impressions of people are always jagged but they smooth out quickly as you get to know someone. I think it’s more interesting when you do something a little extreme the first time meeting someone to see how they react. Then smooth things out.
8. Iced mocha with Baileys ice cubes
9. Genetically modify grasses to photosynthesizes at a higher rate to take more CO2 out of the atmosphere.
10. Use quadcopters to protect grass fed chickens during the day and night. They can make lights/sounds to scare predators away.

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