10 Ideas – Future Of Agriculture

1.Drones/quadcopters herd and watch cows out the pasture. They can bring them in at the right time, and keep a video stream to watch which cows are in heat.
2.Machine that drives over crop rows and picks weeds with precise mechanical hands. A camera or sensor IDs what the crop is and picks everything else. Grow several kinds of beneficial plants together and have one robot pick everything except those plants
3. Rail system that picks and cleans eggs from chickens as soon as they’re laid.
4. One machine that humanely and perfectly processes chickens. Hardest part would be consistent eviceration,
5. Machine above indoor paddock that moves on xyz axis and can identify when cows need more bedding. It has a supply of bedding on top of the machine, and then as cows move around it comes in a lays bedding so that cows stay as clean and comfortable as possible.,
6. Fencing on wheels so you could move animals around from a computer to a fresh grass paddock. You would have to move water as well. A combination of these things that could bring a permaculture system together to work with machine control and decisions
7. A way to have a hose suspended with solar drones so that a river could feed all the cows in far away fields.
8.The machine milkers that could filter milk coming right from the cow and bottle it right there and put it in a fridge.
9. Before cows enter a parlor, you could take a blood sample to see exactly what nutrients they’re deficient in and then their ID tag could mix the right nutrient solution for them
10. Floors that absorb energy from cow movements to charge batteries

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