10 Ideas – Virtual Reality

1. Adventure learning where math, statistics, geometry can be manipulated right in front of you. You wouldn’t learn as you we did in classrooms, you could build things and the physics of the VR would let you test how things work. Then you could send something that you make to a 3d printer and see it in real time.
2. Money, items, reputation from online games like Final Fantasy and WOW are public in an online VR world so rankings of the whole community can be seen. A more interactive community of clans.
3. Record and upload your face and how it moves to the character you play looks just like you to other players online.
4. You can train pilots/surgeons for any possible scenario that can be imagined.
5. Now you can move your prosthetic arm with your thoughts. Could you connect an oculous rift and move around with your thoughts?
6. Explore the virtual rain forest or safari to see animals in their natural habitat. Explore any natural wonder of the world.
7. Age of Empires/Star Craft in a virtual reality. Go down on ground level and watch battles and zoom back out to move units around.
8. Virtual chemistry set to play around with otherwise dangerous chemicals.
9. Fly around earth like Super Man and turn back time.
10. Choose your own adventure movies where you can look around and see different things as the movie is happening. You could play the same movie over and over and always find something new to do.

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