10 Ideas – June 3 2014


1. Tires that never wear down. Someone has come up with this but there is no doubt more money to be made off of new tires sales.
2. I’ve seen wireless cellphone chargers. Is it possible to have a high powered one on cell phone towers to charge everything with a better, even electric cars?
3. Shipping container ships that offer free voyage in exchange for grunt work during the trip.
4. A gas station that charges a bit more for gas but puts the extra money towards buying solar panels for the gas station and then for the surrounding buildings in the town.
5. There is a spray that prevents mud from getting on your shoes/clothes by putting a tiny layer of air or something on the fabric. There are videos of it. If it lasts for a long time, we should put it on cars and save water from car washes.
6. Device that takes a sample of blood each day and syncs with your wearable health tech to suggest the diet changes for tomorrow. Best used to reduce obesity?
7. Business that consults and improve people’s online dating account. Interviews them to write about them in the best light without lying.
8. Paint that changes color based on the season or the weather. Good for the northeast, not so much for San Diego.
9. Pay what you pay for health insurance right to a doctor who is motivated to keep you healthy. They will get paid regardless, so if they can keep you healthy, it frees their time up to see more people and get paid more.
10. A class in high school where you take a year off to start a responsible business. Grade is based on the money you make and the measurable benefit to the community

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