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10 Ideas For Running A City

Here are the ten things I would do if I could make all the decisions for a city for a week. Lots of details are missing, these are broad stroke ideas. I have no experience or knowledge of running a city and would no doubt cause more harm than good, but it’s still fun to think about.

1. People in the city are encouraged to spend one day per month volunteering at an organization that reduces the carbon footprint of the city.
2. All skyscrapers become carbon neutral in 3 years.
3. The best scientists, engineers, doctors council decisions made by city leadership and are appointed by public vote. They all must agree to the rules of #7 and #8.
4. Marijuana, psychedelic mushrooms, LSD, and any other drug that my surgeon general advises me is not medically relevant or has negligible side effects are legal.
5. City colleges are free to those who pass entrance exams. If you don’t want go to college, you have access to technical teaching, schools that help you make money online, or programs to help international travel.
6. Really fast free wifi everywhere.
7. All money spent by government agencies is made public.
8. Mayor wears a 3rd party google glass that cannot ever be turned off and live streams what they’re doing. All government buildings have cameras that live stream through a 3rd party.
9. Free cool looking bikes available to anyone.
10. Public parks have cool lights at night so people have a place to go at night that’s safe and fun but doesn’t involve alcohol.

10 Ideas – June 8 2014

1. Nanorobots that scrub the atmosphere of CO2. When they are just about too heavy to keep flying they fly back to a solar drone that stays in the air for months at a time, drops off the CO2 block and goes back and scrub.
2. Glow in the dark bike tires
3. If all currency evolves to be p2p, would it be possible to have global city states and no federal governments? hyper local communities could solve problems unique to their situation instead of depending on broad federal law
4. Computer games where to goal is competitive cooperation instead of like Starcraft or Age of Empires, consumption and destruction
5. Shark Tank for green energy companies
6. Carbon neutral UN buildings
7. Tax break for white shingles
8. Can you 3d print leather?
9. Humans genetically modify their bodies so that we no longer have body odor.
10. Wearable tech feature that tells you exactly how much weight you lost at all times during the day and night.