Thailand Announcement

Beach near the Phi Phi Islands in Thailand

Since I read the Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss in 2010, I’ve wanted to build a company that would allow me to travel. For close to two years, I worked on a food startup in San Diego. I lived and breathed the company, gained valuable skills, and experienced the rush and grind of running a small business. However, I realized that I don’t want to report to anyone again – I want to work for myself. I bought a one way ticket to Thailand in May. I am going with my good friend Josh Voydik.  I want an adventure and I want to control my finances with my laptop and the internet.

In the beginning of 2014, it was clear that I was going to move on from my startup.  I started looking for new jobs and saw myself as a great fit at a handful of other startups. It was exciting to think about the value I could add to another company and being a part of something cool. But I didn’t pursue another job.

Why not? It’s boring. It’s a known outcome – I’ll work hard and make money and have objectively less control over what I am working on compared to my last company. I see the possibility of living an independent life anywhere I want. What greater challenge is there than to travel the world and figure out how to make money on my own terms? Nothing excites me more.

If you have any questions, ask me on twitter @caseyknapp

5 thoughts on “Thailand Announcement

  1. Tim Eddy

    Hi Casey – one’s life path is defined by a few critical decisions. The decisions have a foundation in a core set of values. It has been my experience that core values shift as an individual builds life experiences. My advice to continually think about, understand, and make decisions, consistent with your values. Also understand that the material things of this world are temporary and, in the long term, not fulfilling. The love you give and receive is the one truly pervasive reward in life. Enjoy your adventure……

    Love Uncle Tim

    1. Casey Post author

      Thanks, Tim. I am a few days away from being able to fit everything I own in a backpack. I have a budget for a year if all I do is spend money, but I have some cool projects that might generate some revenue soon.


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