Haters Gonna Hate

I’ve been reading Meditations by Marus Aurelius and it has brought only enlightenment and self-examination:

No carelessness in your actions. No confusion in your words. No imprecision in your thoughts. No retreating into you own soul, or trying to escape it. No overactivity. They kill you, cut you with knives, shower you with curses. And that somehow cuts your mind from clearness, and sanity, and self-control, and injustice? A man standing by a spring of clear, sweet water and cursing it. While the fresh water keeps bubbling up. He can shovel mud into it, or dung, and the stream will carry it away, wash itself clean, ad remain unstained. To have that. No a cistern but a perpetual spring. How? By working to win your freedom. Hour by hour. Through patience, honesty, humility.” Marcus Aurelius, Meditations VIII 51.

Haters gonna hate. They have been hating throughout history and will continue to hate, so accept their existence and ignore them. Move towards benchmarks with ruthless efficiency and self-control but maintain humanistic ideals in your progress.

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