• Spontaneous internet surfing before, in between, or after work.
  • World Cup games that don’t involve Argentina, Germany, or the U.S.
  • Hulu during weekdays.
The list above contains my biggest productivity inhibitors.  The problem with these activities is that they interrupt what normally is set on Google Calendar.  The unplanned disruption sends the rest of my day into a downward spiral.
I don’t budget time to watch The Office during my morning bowl of Kix. When I’m planning my day this kind of thing doesn’t even show up on my radar.  But when I enter the dining room and the Post Standard is still in the mail box, leaving the table absent of information to consume, I panic and rationalize that I deserve long, relaxed breakfast, and that laughing at Dwight will make me happy the rest of the day. These activities and rationalizations are destructive, so in the interest of a productive summer, they are now eliminated.

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