Allegedly, Mondays are the most challenging day of the week.  This morning however, eager to begin the first, and last, full week of my behavior change, I leapt from my the protection of my heavy comforter to silence my alarm, making Monday an accomplishment before even the sun rose.
Rising at 5:50 am isn’t too unfamiliar.  Milking over the summer and the occasional Sunday morning during school has provided me the early morning experience, but knowing that my experiment was running gave me a heightened awareness of what a slow offers.
I milked last night and so took a shower before going to bed allowing me this morning to gain extra time by washing my hair in bath tub.  Dressed by 6:10, I prepared my usual breakfast: Two fried eggs (collected yesterday), a glass of milk (raw), and peanut butter (Nature’s Way – Organic), butter (Organic Valley Pasture Butter), and honey (Kutik’s).  By 6:30, lunch assembled, bag ready, teeth brushed, I felt totally chill as I decided what my next move would be on this strikingly slow morning.  I settled on a cup of coffee (Sumatra Mandheling – black – organically grown) and the comics, leaving the house at 7:05, thirty minutes before I usually do.
The luxury of a finding a convenient parking spot at OCC feels so so good.  I pulled in at 7:35 and to a front row parking spot.  It’s the little things in life that make one happy.  This is one of those little things for me.

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