If a singular action is repeated every day for thirty days, the probability it will persist as a hardwired habit are high.  This means that each year provides twelve arenas of improvement.  I decided to adopt this method of behavior change on January 1, challenging myself to make my bed everyday, for thirty days.  I know, I know, but beginning with a simple change I thought would be good to way to become comfortable and confident with the method.  And admittedly, four months later, I make my bed everyday.
In February, upon losing the radio antennae on the pickup and breaking the iPod adapter, I dedicated my school commute to silence and my own thoughts.
March passed by without any serious habits, followed by April, until two days ago. A snooze button overdose resulted in missing my fourth Bio lecture.
So, with the start simple mantra and the seven remaining days of April, I begin my first experiment: Defeating the snooze button.

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